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She lay on his mind, tongue-tied; somewhere

between Absinthe and dark water.

A memory crept along the dim

of her room: Moths amassed to the tenderness

There is an ache in her air she has no idea

how to spell. She braves the street chill, words

her worn Fedora; articulations in grace and

naked paraphernalia. A stray fingertip.

Her unravelling of his mind; prayermat.

Calvados and dark fruition.


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Her lean of skin. tissue thymed.

carousel of the Unspoken.

All smoke and no honey. soft cave

beckoning her city noir; risen floats

distilling prairie grass, lipbound

of late light and unkissed marrow.

Her sheets fade into a Yoko moon,

twined of tongue and Ginger.

bells chime to line breaks chaffed

of old frogs still smitten with yellow

fog and rhymes of grit and crazy

paint. peel Her; gently in

to deliverance.

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that Uncertain hour

Scalloped. wrung, wrought of Still

and unforgiveness.Embalmed storyteller,

nightside  shade-giver.  To the governance

of Skintales  of that Uncertain hour,

the eloquence of a million deaths

along a shoreline of small things;     

the slow invasion of mud and words

powerless to crumbling testaments of memory.


Dense violent eating of dreams.  Ambiguous islands

drawn of rocky love. Fictional agonies of instance

and meticulous   intensity/soft muscle of rebellion.

the need of gloss and connotation; the chemistry

of war. Deepsea English and fine-boned

discrimination. In the drunken anatomy of love

and corpus. Fingerpaint. Midrash summer

of such a melancholy mess.

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June 17, 2013 · 8:22 am


Flirtatious succulence and the drizzle of a drunk stylus, grooved

to gullets of prudence: always to be the glance from her eye

that grazes the crotch of a boy’s  heart.

In the undressing of its sentences in a torrent of small arms,

the gait of his mind reaches the depths of de Chirico shadows:

by the length of gratitude, frozen into a lithe Summer.

White lies peel layers of pink: metaphors lie sunburnt

in the wet sand. Buckets of childplay run amuck in the oilspill

of disingenuous erudition:  whiskers sunk into Romance. Scars

eat the angelic in dreams, wishful of moons long lost to the howl

of the Mesmerized. Her catacombs of moist skulls gape to their dark

and soak in idioms of lewd water. Speechless words drown

in clear vowels: Perfume; loitering, taunts with a green heeled jab

of legs that make heaven of themselves and hell of ordinary men.


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a pelt of sky

By the ease of skin in ink

her fingers line his surface: the writ

compelled by the interior of stone.

Among the lives of pages a stir of slow

blends her subtle refuge of mythical bliss

with jokes and the deadening of graves.

Mourners weep into the sunrise; a melting

of dreams to the knowledge of light.

Compel me to write beyond this plane of gods

and little things, where pigment eases reluctance

and figments play ‘Imagination’.  The dazzle

of her Babylonian mind gathers to her enclosure

his ink of grief, bowled into primary

nouns and vowell’d down pewter tongues.

Terracotta suns gaze immobile over her snug

courtyard: Copper deities  drool peroxide rain.

Ravens covet the skirting of her mind.

It is within her salt that love groped

gorgeous, the grass, into her deeper green.

She turned upward to the pelt of sky and of its

Hesperus pool, she begged the quench, never

to die from her thirst of stars



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Improvisatorium of Poetry & Art by Renée Sigel & Jerry Shawback.

Renée & Jerry

welcome you to their  interdisciplinary exploration

of image and text, emotion and metaphor through collaborative improvisation. Please browse at you leisure and invite your family and friends to the journey. Comments are encouraged as these add depth to the conversation and enrich the experiences of other visitors. As the project unfolds, news and updates will be published regularly so please be sure to subscribe so as not to miss out. Thank you for taking the time.

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The art of pen and ink is a captivating mystery.  Between the lines, down the ages, lines shaped into letters that evocate images or along strokes and curves of sketches and drawings that conjure stories, we are drawn compellingly into their world of secrets and wonder. Poets and artists  have always been tellers of mutual stories: stories of the heart, of loss, of yearning, of love, desire and madness. They share passions held by the mind and gather against their pages an endless fascination of our own history.  As artists, poets and painters strive beyond the confines and liberations of technique, to explore something deeper than mere renderings of the obvious. They do not strive to render what is visible to the eye, but seek to make visible all that is authentic yet only visible to the soul. They take us on their explorations of this reality, be it in layers of meaning ,symbolism, metaphor and rhyme, or rendered of ink or brush strokes of acrylic, gauche or oils, and gift with all that gives shape to its inseparable subject on planes and surfaces and  in dimensionalities which speak of an essence of  our Being. In both art and poetry, the lyricism of colour, timbre, light and line, offers readers and viewers a visual compositional interchange of enchantment, reflection, and a fascination of a manifold universe offered on a single plane of paper. Our wish ‘to see’ through their eyes becomes a journey of our own interior landscape and at its very best, becomes a soul and mind enriching exploration which, in its rare frankness, its sensitivity to what matters, binds us, with an indefatigable ardour to a long and enduring historical aesthetic legacy.

The collaboration here between poet Renée Sigel and artist Jerry Shawback in the creation of The Shawback Redemptions, explores an interdisciplinary  pictorial syntax rooted somewhere between pure intuition, drawing on the unconscious  biography of the soul and highly attuned craftsmanship: Improvisation. The Shawback Redemptions is a collaborative creation, visually and written as an extemporaneous composition which seeks to explore the inner textual and emotive landscapes of ink and paint as both word and image in a freely associative marriage  of mutually inspired artistry.  There are no absolutes to the discoveries nor is this collaboration meant to devolve the individuality of each artist’s individual work, rather, it is a canvas seeking to share its deeper, more ample humanity.

DESIGN: layout and concept by Renèe Sigel


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